Braided Bread

Country Style braided bread is a braided, sweet bread dough filled with one of five delicious fillings. Click on the icons to your right to view the ingredient list and nutrition facts for each braided bread flavor.

Each loaf weighs in at 20.5 oz. and serves twelve. Included with each braided bread loaf is a 3.5 oz. icing packet to drizzle on top. Total product weight is 24 oz. or 1lb. 8 oz.

Country Style braided bread comes frozen and is stored frozen until ready to use. Just set your braided bread out to thaw and rise (be sure to take braided bread out of package to thaw and rise, and follow the baking instructions, then bake and enjoy!

Serve Country Style braided bread for breakfast or dessert or at any special occasion!

Five Mouth Watering Flavors

Click on a flavor for information on Ingredients and Nutrition